Rev. Alan West


I always felt that God has had His hand on me all through my life.  In and out of my childhood and my adulthood, I felt like I was being called by God to be involved in the ministry but was unsure in what area.    At 16 years of age   I accepted Jesus Christ in my heart and was saved.   Bogansville Methodist Church is where I grew up.   In 1970, I met my wife to be, Dianne Addis.   In 1973, we were married.   We made our home in West Springs, SC.     Dianne was a baptist , and we began attending West Springs Baptist Church.  I wore many hats in West Springs Baptist Church and went on many mission trips with them.   However,  I  still felt  it was  not what God would have me do.    

In 1992, God spoke to me and called me into the ministry of preaching and teaching the gospel of Jesus Christ.   In August of 1994, we moved to Wake Forrest, NC where I attended Southeastern  Baptist Theological Seminary full time.  There I earned an Associate of Divinity, a Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies, a Master of Arts in Christian Counseling, and  a Master of Divinity in Christian Counseling.  In June of 1999, I became Pastor of Mt. Joy Baptist Church.  Mt. Joy is a loving church family where the Lord, Jesus Christ, is taught and worhiped.  One of my hopes while in school was for the Lord to open a door in a church where I could love and be loved .   My family and I feel certain that God answered that prayer.  God set up the perfect match for both pastor and church.    
If I had to choose one Bible verse as my favorite it would be:

John 3:16    For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son and whosoever believeth in Him shall not perish but have eternal life.

  I love this verse because it speaks of God's powerful love for us and the knowledge that eternal life with God awaits all who believe in Him.

Mt. Joy Deacon Board

Mt. Joy Deacon Board


     Chairman of Deacons~  Eddie Rector



Wayne Hutcherson

Glenn Burns

Eddie Rector

Troy Wright

Johnny Moore

Ned Bell

Worship Leader

Becky Carlos

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Becky has a music background of over 45 years. She was born into and raised by her Mt. Joy Baptist Church family.  She is also the daughter of the late Rev. Fred L. Murray, pastor at Mt. Joy from the early 1950's-1970's.   

Becky  enjoys leading worship at Mt. Joy.  Her ministry is in teaching music and leading  music at local events , as well as performing in other local churces, revivals, and out of state church events, directing choir at Mt. Joy , and leading worship at Mt Joy.   She enjoys teaching adults , teens, and children the blessing of worshiping in song and has directed many youth musicals.   

Becky studied music at Winthrop University as a minor and attended Brevard Music Center  where she studied music theory and composition.  She was a member of the Winthrop University Wind Ensemble and Orchestra, and the Spartanburg Wind Ensemble, as well as many other music organizations throughout her attendance at Jonesville High School. 

Mt. Joy is always happy to welcome new members into our choir , and we always look forward to having you as an addition to our choir!.  

Youth Mentor

Chelsea Crocker



Chelsea E. Crocker

received her Bachelor of Science from

Winthrop University             




 She was a member of the Gamma Bete Phi Academic Honor Society.

 Chelsea was the     SC LIFE Scholarship Recipient.

She is active in the Baptist Collegiate Ministy


RELATED EXPERIENCE                                                     


                                                                                                               Camp Longridge : Summer, 2014, Ridgeway, SC


        Worked with children ages 8-12 amd 13-17

        Lead small group discussion about the Bible

        Facilitated games and activities for the children






          After School Teacher

         Worked with children ages 6-9

         Worked with partents and teachers to increase positive behaviors

         Helped students with homework and crafts




         Visual and verbal presentation/communications skills

       Knowledge of childhool development and safety

       Organizational skills



 Morningside Baptist Church Pre-school teacher                                                               Summer , 2017, Spartanburg, SC

 Oakland Baptist Church Nursery Worker                                                                       Summer, 2016-Spring, 2017 (Rock Hill, SC )

 Christian Supply Inc.  ( Customer Service )                                                                             Fall, 2017-current


Faye Harris

Faye Harris has been playing piano for Mt. Joy for many years.  

Sunday School Teacher

Mary Ann Morrison

Mary Ann Morrison has several titles at Mt. Joy.  She is our organist, following in her mother's ( Mary Margaret Lawson) steps.
She is also a Sunday School teacher for our "couples" class on Sunday mornings at 10 :00 am.    Please come join us!

Sunday School Teacher

Judy Hayes

Judy Hayes Sunday School Class
Judy has been leading Mt. Joy in many ways over the last 40+ years.  She currently teaches a class on Sunday mornings beginning at 10:00 am.  Come and join us.  We'd love to have you!


Children's Leader/ Youth Leader/

Jennifer Wright

Jennifer Wright is one of our Youth Leaders at Mt. Joy.  She has been a member of Mt. Joy all her life.  She is currently leading the children and the youth  (Joy Kids , visit the website in the links tab) of Mt. Joy.    

Children's Church leader

Audrey Robinson

Audrey Robinson has been a member of Mt. Joy all her life.    She has been involved in many areas at Mt. Joy.  She is currently leading our Children's Church that is held on Sunday mornings at 11:15am during adult preaching service.  She teams with her husband,  Bryan Robinson, in this ministry.  She is also very involved in the Youth Activities and Ministry at Mt. Joy.

Children's Church leader

Bryan Robinson

Bryan Robinson currently is one of our leaders in our children's church on Sunday  mornings at 11:15am.   Bryan provides a Biblical and loving environment for the children during adult preaching service.   He teams with his wife, Audrey Robinson, in this ministry and Youth Activities Ministry.

Sunday School Teacher/Men's Brotherhood Director

Wayne Hutcherson

Wayne Hutcherson has been involved in many areas of service over the years at Mt. Joy.  He is currently serving on the Deacon Board, he is the director of the Men's Brotherhood, and teaches a Sunday School class for the older teens on Sunday morning at 10:00 am.  Come and join us !  We'd love to have you!

Brotherhood Director

Wayne Hutcherson

Wayne Hutcherson leads the Brotherhood missions once a month on either the first or second Wednesday of the month.  Please check our calendar each month for the correct Wednesday.  Come and join the Men's Brotherhood Missions-we'd love to have you!

WMU Director

Dianne West

Dianne West, wife of Rev. Alan West, leads the Women's Missions at a monthly evening session on the first  or second Wedesday of the month at 6:00 pm.  Check our calendar for the Wednesday WMU will meet each month.    Come and be a part of our Women's missions!

Sunday School Teacher/ Training Union Teacher

Roy Little

Roy Little has been a member of Mt. Joy all his life.  He has been involved in many areas of service over the years, but is currently teaching the Men's Sunday School Class at 10:00 am Sunday mornings, and  Training Union evening class at 6:00 pm on Sunday evening.  

Sunday School Teacher

Wayne Garner

Wayne Garner teaches a Sunday School class for teenagers on Sunday morning at 10:00 am.  We'd love to have you join us!  

Children's Leader

Karla Rector

Karla Rector has been a member of Mt. Joy all her life.  She has been involved in many areas of ministry at Mt. Joy, but currently has  a children's class on Sunday mornings at 10:00 am  and a children's class on Sunday afternoons beginning at 4:30 pm.  Karla is also instrumental in all our children's and youth activities.

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